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Can’t find personal/all Microsoft Forms

Can’t find personal/all Microsoft Forms

Something strange happened and all of a sudden I could not find my personal/all Microsoft forms on and I looked everywhere to figure out where my all Microsoft forms were stored.

Here is what I see after logging into or after selecting Forms app in the available Microsoft 365 apps.

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Currently, I could not able to find any reason behind this. It seems like a glitch behind the scenes which Microsoft might fix.


I wasted a lot of time on research to figure out whether Microsoft has changed or updated Forms UI. However, some other user in the same tenant could view their personal Microsoft Forms without any issues. In addition, they also could see a link to view “All Forms”. I tried following that “All Forms” link on my account and then I could see all of my Microsoft Forms.

Here is the direct link to view all forms which will do the trick for you.

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