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Combine new and old ConfigMgr YouTube video series

Combine new and old ConfigMgr YouTube video series

As you may know that I uploaded a new ConfigMgr video series, and some videos have prerequisites still linked with the old video series. I received a lot of questions about what is the best way to approach this.

The original thought was not to link new video series with the old one, however, some content in the old series was too good to ignore. So I avoided re-doing what had already been done.

Here is how I would recommend you to follow along. You could change it if you know the concept beforehand. I will (sometime soon) add a short description of each video as well. Any video from previous video series has “(P)” in the beginning just to differentiate.

Last updated on 13th Oct 2020

  1. ConfigMgr Fundamentals
    This concept is still valid and all basics are applicable to ConfigMgr CB.
  2. Part 1: Intro to ConfigMgr (SCCM) Lab Setup
    This is a quick intro to the new video series and the main reason why I recorded it
  3. Part 2: Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2002 Lab Overview
    Lab overview gives you an overall idea of what to expect

  4. Part 3: Configuration Manager (SCCM) CB Software Requirements
  5. Part 4: Configuration Manager(SCCM) CB 2002 VMs Configuration
  6. Part 5: Configuration Manager (SCCM) Lab Promote DC
  7. Part 6: VHDs for Configuration Manager CB Lab Setup
  8. Part 7: ConfigMgr (SCCM | MECM ) Full Prerequisites Installation
  9. Part 8: ConfigMgr (SCCM | MECM) CB 2002 Installation
  10. Part 9: ConfigMgr (SCCM) CB 2002 Post Installation Tasks
  11. (P) Part 12 – SCCM Client Push install in detail
  12. (P) Part 13 – SCCM Client Manual Installation/Uninstallation
  13. (P) Part 14 – SCCM Client GPO Install
    Create a new share on the VHD we created for Content Source.
  14. Part 10: ConfigMgr(SCCM) Client Push Installation Service Account
  15. (P) Part 15 – Update SCCM Server: Quick n Easy
    This is a rundown of the ConfigMgr update procedure and important logs are mentioned in it.
  16. (P) Part 16 – Application Deployment Through Software Center
  17. (P) Part 17 – Operating System Deployment with SCCM
  18. (P) Part 19: Using Answer File In A Task Sequence
  19. (P) Part 20 – SCCM Reporting Services Point
  20. (P) Part 21 | SCCM Software Updates Deployment Fundamentals
  21. (P) Part 22 – Software Update Point Role Installation and Configuration
  22. (P) Part 23 – Manual Software Updates with SCCM through Software Update Point
  23. (P) Part 24 – Automatic Deployment Rules (ADR) in SCCM
  24. (P) Part 25 – Capture Reference Image With SCCM
  25. Part 11: ConfigMgr (SCCM) HTTPS/PKI Configuration
  26. Part 12: ConfigMgr Fallback Status Point Configuration In Detail

Leave in the comments if you have any questions.

Happy learning 😃

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Tom Donovan
Tom Donovan
7 months ago

Jay, your series is really good. I was following the two of your video series for Configuration manager and noticed you didn’t provide any tips or documentation on Windows Deployment Services settings. Any help you can provide is appreciated, I want to keep it as close to your lap setup as i can for ease of setup. Thank you,

Thomas Donovan
Thomas Donovan
6 months ago
Reply to  Jay Singh

Jay, Thank you I wasn’t looking on the right server. Appreciate the response.

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